Our pricing structure

All prices shown below are a guide only and we will always be prepared to discuss costs and benefits with you. We are very confident that, when all costs, including the cost of your own personnel, are taken into account, we will always be able to save you money.

Please do not hesitate to ask for some offer for any specific job.

Pricing information research only

We will undertake international price research on your behalf. We will usually identify 5-10 prospective suppliers, where possible from at least 3 different countries.

You will be provided with price information from each supplier but we will only give you the contact information for the supplier offering the lowest price.

Our standard pricing for this service is £550. However, we will waive the entire fee if we are unable to find at least one supplier with a lower price than a benchmark price agreed between us at the start of the process.

This is a guide price only. We will agree a price with you at the start of the process, to take full account of your particular enquiry.


Outsourcing of entire purchasing process

Price research will be the same as for “Price information only”, with the addition of the following services.

  • Price research (see details)  £550
  • Collecting of data in a clear way £150
  • Presentation of the result £150
    You will do the choice of supplier
  • Elaboration of some supplier contract £300
  • Realizing of the purchase £300

Total per product £1450

General Consultancy


The pricing will depend entirely on the briefing for the required task.

This will be based upon our current hourly and daily rates, which are £57 per hour or £450 per day.

We offer an initial free meeting to discuss your requirements and agree a maximum spend for the project before we commence any work.



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