Jorg Bornhofft

Jorg is head honcho – and the brains behind XNK Procurement and Consulting.

He is responsible for its unique approach to procurement services and order management.

Jorg graduated with a Batchelor of Commerce degree and a background in machinery and thermodynamics – for which he also received a Bachelor’s degree.

This gives him the perfect combination of technical knowledge and commercial nous.

The mix of skills enables him to compare and contrast complex machinery and systems – as well as an assessment of the financial results you can expect from a factory restructure or office upgrade and reorganisation.

Having spent years compiling a comprehensive database of over 45,000 international supply chain specialists – Jorg knows instinctively where to find what you’re looking for – or who to ask.

Reducing costs in business operations and finding cost reduction strategies are just what we do.

With reliable suppliers across Europe, Asia and Africa Jorg uses his valuable business relationships and expertise in

  •     Manufacturing engineering
  •     System engineering (manufacturing systems)
  •     Manufacturing management
  •     Purchasing
  •     Procurement
  •     SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Jorg Bornhofft



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