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1.             Basic opinion re. prices

2.             Price/supplier research  -  outsourcing of purchasing

3.             Consultancy fees

Last updated: 16/01/2019


1. Basic opinion re. prices                                                            (as per January 16th, 2019)

A co-operation shall be for the benefit for the parties involved. Please compare the underneath mentioned prices with the expenses when employing personnel (which normally costs more), and please compare them with the extraordinary income achieved with this co-operation. Also we think that some co-operation with no benefit for the involved can never be of some interest.

Mentioned prices can be used so you can calculate your expected expense. Please do not hesitate to ask for some offer for any specific job.

2. Outsourcing of purchase

This item can be realized in 2 ways - in both cases we assume, that you elaborate some specification for the product or service.

Basically: After the job is done you will receive all price-information from each supplier – but only the supplier with lowest offer will be mentioned by name and address – the other are only mentioned  by an ID.

If we do NOT find at least one supplier with lower price, the job will be done for free.

2.1. You want price information only

International price research GBP 550 per product (at least 5 different supplier – but not more than 10 supplier – preferably at least 3 different countries)

Quantity discount possible.

If an expected saving cannot bear the research cost, we can find other ways for covering this service.

2.2. You want price information and we shall realize the purchase.

This job will be done on a international level.

Per product: GBP:
Price research
Collecting of data in a clear way
Presentation of the result
You will do the choice of supplier
Perhaps elaboration of some supplier contract
Realizing of the purchase
Total per product


There are more/other possibilities for compensation – let’s talk about them to see the best fit in the actual case



3.     Consultancy services

This service is difficult to be priced – it depends too much on how extensive the job is.

As clue, GBP57 per hour or GBP450 per day can be used.

A job will not be started unless you and we know about the maximum spend

Please ask for offer for some specific project