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Achieved results

We think, it is not really fair to publish achieved results here – it will place suppliers in a strange role, and those achievements will not reflect the circumstances, under which they have been achieved. We will send you the list if you are really interested. However, we have achieved better prices in the level of 25 to 40 % - therefor we are asking for a fee for our work.



Who can use XNK?

Everyone - whether you are a company or individual - everbody can enjoy the good results of XNK - and XNK will free your time so you can focus on your own project.

What do I have to pay if using XNK for doing market research only?

Nothing – however, we are doing market research only for specified products/components.

Will XNK always research for prices from supplier abroad?

No – it’s based on an agreement with the client: either only national research, or both national and international, or only international.

At international trading, so many conditions must be considered …

Yes – we know them, and will inform you about everything you need to know …

How do I get my money when dealing with a customer abroad?

Depends on how much we are talking about: for small amount we will recommend payment before shipping – for huge amount we will recommend L/C (and will help you dealing with it).

What are XNK sourcing?

Almost everything except of weapon and certain chemicals. Our experiences covers the research and supply of special aluminium construction, bespoke constructions, Pumps, Valves, Chlorination plant, UV treatment equipment, Filter Belt press (2 pcs), Blower, Dosing pumps, UV treatment equipment, Brush aerators, Probe collector, Screws & nuts for a whole installation, Valves (many), Mixer (for WWTP-plant), Special pumps (many), Coal, Instrumentation for plant, Special valves (many), Special pumps, Filter belt press, Dosing pump, Plant Instrumentation, Seepex pump, Heat exchanger, DESMI Pumps, Glass fibre tank, Pumpex pumps, Mixer, Blower, Measuring equipment (Danfoss), Measuring equipment (Fagerberg), Eccentric worm pump, Special PVC profile, Special siphon, Filter, Compressor, Weirs, pipes and other stainless steel parts, Mixers, Duck foot (a casted part), Special siphon, Dosing pumps, Belt press, A lot of Neoprene sealing’s, Flygt pumps, Valves, can be continued ..., ,