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About XN’K

Meet the team ready to help you save money on your manufacturing and purchase outsourcing.

Jorg Bornhofft (CEO)

A graduated engineer in machinery and thermodynamics with a Bachelor in Commerce degree, Jorg has spent years developing a database of over 60,000 international suppliers which he today uses to help reduce costs and achieve results for businesses and individuals across the globe.

At the heart of this database lies an extensive list of valuable relationships Jorg built up with suppliers across Europe, Asia, and Africa whilst gaining a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of industry sectors such as:


     Manufacturing engineering

     System engineering (manufacturing systems)

     Manufacturing management




Karl Brodsgaard

A key member of the XN'K team, Karl specialises in developing automated flour silo solutions used by bakeries and other food producers.

When he's not helping clients come up with efficient, cost-effective ways of emptying and filling those silos, Karl also turns his hand to welding and producing other stainless steel products.


At XN’K, we’re proud to work with a network of the world’s leading consultants and contractors, as well as both national and international sourcing specialists. Not only does this enable us to source even better deals for you,  it also means you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing there’s no task we can’t handle. If the team at our Surrey base can’t solve your problem, we know somebody who can, meaning you’ll have access to a vast amount of skills and specialist knowledge, all at no extra cost.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, XN’K are always on hand to help you source the right components at the best possible price. To discuss your requirements, or to find out more about partnering with us, contact us via any of the following methods:

     Landline: +44 (0) 2034895754

     Cell phone: +44 (0) 7472057240

     Email: xnkconsulting@gmail.com   or:  info@xnkconsulting.com

     Skype: jorg.bornhofft

Postal address:

XN'K Consulting
128 B  Orchard Way